A sweet cat who always has a happy smile

Facial marks changed the cat’s appearance and he always seemed to be smiling

A woman named Karla DeWese ran outside when she saw a small creature next to a corn field. She couldn’t leave her on the street, so she took her home and named her Milky.

Karla says, “I took her home, washed her and went to the vet the next day.” The veterinary clinic performed many expensive tests on the cat.

The operation cost a lot of money and lasted six weeks. The first was successful, while Milky went blind after the second.” Luckily, Milky’s eyesight soon recovered and her facial spots changed her appearance and she looked like she was always happy.

The owner said that she is absolutely happy and living her best life. Karla spent nearly $7000 treating the cat and she has no regrets. She is fortunate to have a loyal, devoted and loyal boyfriend.

Now she has many followers on the internet and often posts photos of her adorable cat.

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