The youngest surgeon in the world. How this boy had surgery at the age of seven

The boy is now 29 and dreams of inventing a cure for cancer.

Akrit Pran Jaswal turned out to be a true medical talent at the age of seven. His family considered him a child prodigy from an early age.

According to them, the boy started walking and talking at the age of 10 months. At the age of two he could read and write.

This Indian boy was so extraordinary that he was even present on the Oprah show. At the age of 13, he passed an IQ test with a score of 146, making him the smartest individual in India.

Still, Christ became world famous after operating on an eight-year-old girl. When she was so young, she was burned so badly that her fingers nearly grew back.

But her miserable family could not afford the surgery for years.

Akrit was recognized as a genius in his village by the age of seven. One day the girl’s father came to him and asked if he would agree to operate on the girl for free. The boy agreed.

The little patient’s family quickly completed all the formalities. And already on November 19, seven-year-old Akrit performed a successful hour-long operation to split her fingers.

The boy’s parents filmed what was happening in the clip, which was shared on the Internet. After a few days, the 7-year-old surgeon woke up popularly.

Four years after the vital operation, the boy entered Punjab University and set another record. He became the youngest student in the world.

He was soon invited to speak at Imperial College London, where the prodigy shared his ideas with scientists working on the cutting-edge medical study.

As a teenager, Akrit was driven by a desire to find a cure for cancer. He told Oprah that he had a review of an “oral gene cure” that could form the basis of his study.

Akrit said he was very concerned about the condition of cancer patients in India who had to die on the side of the road because they could not afford a cure. He hoped to use his talent to help them.

“I have been in hospitals since I was 6 years old where I have met many people in pain. I am very upset. So that’s the main inspiration behind my dedication to medicine, my interest in cancer.”

The Indian talent is currently 29 years old. He still lives in medicine and has a desire to find a cure for cancer. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Akrit Jaswal said:

“The idea came to me when I was eight. I have read many books and articles on this subject. The method of defeating the disease I am developing is to alter the faulty genes that promote cancer cell formation and then successfully repair them.

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