Such a gifted boy. A gifted pianist from France mastered the music of Rachmaninoff

His life will no doubt be related to the activities he is currently pursuing.

Meet Guillaume Benoliel, a French musician, 8, who has won two Grand Prix Virtuoso awards in Salzburg. In this article you will see the talented boy’s hardest work with Rachmaninoff’s “Italian Polka”.

Guillaume was born into a family of prominent musicians. Claire, the boy’s mother, works for a consulting firm but enjoys spending time with her husband on his instrument. In the evening the whole family (dad’s name is Dominic) makes music. The boy was sent to music lessons at the age of 4, when it was found that he had perfect pitch. Guillaume could pull out any tune at such a young age.

His teacher Sergei Kuznetsov says that he met many talented children, but he has never had such a gifted student. The boy won two awards at the Grand Prix of Virtuosos, held in Mozart’s homeland in the nomination of young musicians and a special prize from the jury. His legs are seen dangling in the air as Guillaume performs the “Italian Polka” in preparation for an upcoming concert. The piano is still massive for the performer. But beneath his fingers resounds the admiring music of an outspoken composer.

The parents do not yet know which path their son will choose. But they are already sure that his life will undoubtedly be related to the activities he is currently engaged in.

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