A wooden house for a small creature. This man discovers a mouse in his garden and decides to create a shelter for it

This mouse garden was defended against both cats and other carnivores.

Photographer Simon Dell has repeatedly encountered many wild animals roaming his garden in Sheffield, England. Animals such as rodents, thorns, foxes and birds. But a few creatures had gone home, and he received them in the most wonderful way.

When Del noticed a mouse in his garden, he knew immediately that the cute creature would be the ideal subject for a photo.

“I knew right away he was a star and ran home to get him some peanuts,” he told Bored Panda. “I waited quietly and after a few minutes he went out to get a treat.

He decided to build a tiny house for George, and before long it got a lot more sophisticated than anyone could have imagined.

The resulting footage is reminiscent of Beatrix Potter: George and his companions peek out from under their tree trunks and nibble on delicacies left by Dell.

He made sure his mouse garden was protected from cats and other carnivores.

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