A poor cat was rescued by a kind woman who immediately took him to the vet

The cat gathered all her strength and asked for help

The cute green-eyed cat had a potential owner who refused to take care of him and just left him on the street. The cat went into an old cellar.

But the kitten couldn’t stay there because it was winter outside. But one day he gathered all his strength and left the basement.

Luckily, a kind woman who took care of homeless animals found him and quickly understood that he needed help.

She immediately took him to the vet where he received all the necessary treatments. He was adopted by a family and has a sweet, friendly personality. The cat also has a light gray coat and belly and is very intelligent.

We only hope this amazing animal finds a caring owner to take care of him. Such lovely people are needed as they take care of animals. And what about you, would you do anything to help the cat?

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