“Impossible to take our eyes off her”: The indescribable beauty of the wife of the French actor Cassel deserves special attention

Bellucci’s ex-husband left everyone speechless as he showed off his new wife

In 2018, prominent French film star and ex-husband of legendary Italian diva Bellucci, V. Cassel married popular model T. Kunakey. One important thing to mention about the charming girl is that Tina is over 30 years younger than her current husband. However, the large age difference between the spouses did not prevent them from creating a strong and beautiful family. It is important to mention that the couple are now raising their adorable heir named Amazoni.

Here’s how people reacted to the amazing look of the popular actor’s wife. “Does she really have a child? Are you kidding me?”, “The embodiment of female beauty is before us”, “Vincent is lucky to have her”, “What did she find in him?”, “Her beauty is hard to resist”.

“Only a goddess”, “I can’t take my eyes off her”. Many hastened to praise the indescribable beauty of the young model.

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