World’s largest dog loving ladies and children

The giant dog that has an affectionate and kind personality

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest puppy was found in Utah. The giant dog, who weighs almost 89 kilos and stands more than two meters tall, is only nine months old.

The dog’s name is Euphrates and he belongs to a new species that has matured to bring back a long last breed that became extinct many years ago.

Even the strong, powerful owner of the dog is unable to control the dog while walking the dog on the leash due to the dog’s incredible strength.

Euphratean absolutely wins in competition against an adult female pit bull. The dog owner describes him as a loving and sociable dog who is very communicative and has a special love for women and children.

The dog is a perfect friend. Would you like to have such a huge, cute and sociable dog?

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