“The icon of our era”: the aged look of the legendary actor Celentano left no one indifferent

Here’s legendary movie star Celentano: how has the actor changed over the years?

Everyone probably knows that the rainy and successful career of the iconic, prominent and sought-after actor Celentano has already come to an end.

Instead of brilliantly starring in films, the legendary man is now actively engaged in watchmaking and is passionate about this hobby. The legendary movie star devotes his time to his precious family and currently lives in the country with his beloved wife, away from public view, grudges and photojournalists.

Recently, the popular actor Alexei Panin was lucky enough to meet the legendary movie star, who had a unique chance to take a picture with the great man.

Although the outstanding actor has significantly aged and no longer delights his fans with his brilliant participation in films, he still remains the same iconic star of our time.

What films have you seen with the legendary actor? Share it below in the comments!

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