The small deed gave William confidence. A fourth grader is teased for wearing a pink t-shirt

He stopped worrying after getting so much support from other people.

When a 4th grade boy came to school in a pink t-shirt that said “Cool boys wear pink” the other kids laughed at him. The little boy could not imagine that his classmates would not like his style.

Shortly after entering fourth grade, William Girk told his mother that he had no desire to go to school. The concerned mother said her son had always enjoyed going to school. She remembered.

“It struck me as quite odd last Friday that he was sitting in his room crying.”

Mom had no idea William was struggling at school because of his classmates. She was unhappy when she realized what had happened to his son at school.

William was bullied by fourth graders for wearing pink. The little boy remembers what happened.

“They started asking, ‘Why are you wearing pink?’ and I replied, “Because I love pink.”

William’s answer didn’t satisfy his classmates, so they called him “chicken.” They teased him so much for wearing a pink t-shirt that the boy soon decided to drop out of school.

But one of the teachers, Dan Winter, noticed other boys teasing William. The little boy couldn’t imagine that his teacher would defend him.

After that day, Winter began wearing pink clothes to school in support of William. His small act gave William confidence and kept his classmates from insulting him.

William accepted that the teacher’s act of generosity “relaxed” him. He stopped worrying after getting so much support from other people.

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