‘Got IVF, drank Chinese tea and all for nothing’: Aniston revealed the real reason she’s not having kids


Rachel from Friends honestly shared the reason she doesn’t have kids

The well-known, successful and desirable actress has always been the center of public attention as many, especially her fans and photojournalists, have often been asked why the 53-year-old actress has no children.

The recent appearance of the outstanding film diva on the cover of Allure magazine revealed all the secrets of the iconic woman and left everyone speechless.

For a relatively long time, people have been more than certain that Jennifer chose to remain childless, and the main reason behind her split from Pitt was that she flatly refused to have children. But the Hollywood actress’ recent announcement stunned everyone.

Aniston eventually admitted she had IVF and drank a lot of Chinese tea, but it was all for naught as she couldn’t have children and now it’s just too late.

However, many are wondering why she did not turn to surrogacy for help. Years ago there were some rumors that the movie star was looking for a surrogate, although they may not have been entirely true.

The exceptional actress has already accepted her plight and is no longer happy to ask herself such questions. “Perhaps? May I? What if?” more.

The legendary star denied the fake information that the main reason for their split was their inability to have children. According to the actress, the reasons were completely different.

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