The client leaves the salon with a lighter natural color. Colorist Jack Martin proved that gray hair is attractive

He is a real pro of ashy as well as silver hair.

About three years ago, a California woman approached colorist Jack Martin to color her hair. She says she went gray a few years ago and had to dye her hair brown three times a week. But she is currently retired. She goes to her grandchildren and relatives or on a trip and has absolutely no desire to dye her hair. “Can you help me?” asked the woman.

The colorist agreed. And what they did was dye the woman’s hair silver, which gives her ash gray hair a natural shine but also reduces the need to dye it once a month.

The woman was very happy with the result. This shot was posted by the colorist on his Instagram account three years ago, and it’s still being talked about to this day, and for good reason. He is a real pro of ashy as well as silver hair.

“Originally, ash-haired clients came to me twice a year, not every couple of weeks,” says Martin.

Initial staining usually takes about 10 hours. Martin says he first uses a rinse aid to drive out all traces of the artificial coloring. Then, without touching the ashen roots, he lightens the rest of the hair to prepare it for the fresh silver color.

Another highly significant phase. He chooses a new tint based on the natural ashy tone. He asks his clients to come with 3-4 inch roots so he can see their natural hair color. Then he refreshes the color sample on the whole head.

“Some customers have snowy hair in the front and darker hair in the back. Then I also add a darker shade to match the natural color,” he explains.

After ten hours, the client leaves the salon with a lighter version of their natural coloring.

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