A real hero who rescued a little puppy stuck in the truck

The puppy was lucky to be rescued from the truck

It is not uncommon for animal heroes to become rubbish haulers. Animals can always rely on these drivers. For example, this man released a puppy that was stuck in his truck.

While driving, he noticed an unusual object in his truck. And it turned out to be a small white dog. They didn’t know what the animal looked like there. It was tough for the dog, but he was lucky when the driver noticed him.

She appeared to have been abandoned in the garbage disposal. He also said, “I think someone just dumped him there as he’s too small to climb onto the dock on his own.” The man also said the animals smiled as he picked him up.

Luckily the dog is fine now. The puppy is now being examined, so adoption is not possible.

She is now guarded. Many people considered the driver a real hero. Nor is the worker available for adoption by those who show an interest in him.

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