The owner was surprised to see her dog gaining weight day by day and she couldn’t understand why

What an amazing discovery!

Meet Tevor, a cute dog whose story became famous on social media and got a lot of people excited about it.

When her owner, Fran, noticed that her dog was getting fatter by the day, she began to worry about his condition. She couldn’t understand what had happened to him.

She immediately took him to the vet, but even after a thorough exam, he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. All the vet could understand was that he was bloated, but why? To find out, the owner was offered to leave the dog there for further examination.

The vet managed to discover the problem. After receiving all the appropriate treatments, the cute animal recovered and became completely healthy.

Both the staff and the owner were so happy to do the job perfectly.

Now the dog feels great and never stops smiling. He is so beautiful and enjoys being the center of everyone’s attention.

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