“Cher’s Daughter Was Born A Boy”: Few know that Cher’s eldest heiress, Chaz, was actually born a girl

Looking at Cher’s son Chaz, it’s hard to believe he was born a girl

There is probably no one who is not familiar with this legendary and outstanding American-Armenian singer who has not only become a universally recognized artist, but also a devoted and caring mother.

The legendary singer’s oldest heir, Chaz, is 52 and the youngest is 44. Given that millions know her as a mother of two sons, it may come as a surprise to learn that she actually had a son and a daughter.

The whole thing is that Chaz was first called Chasity.

It all started with Chasity planning to change some things about her looks, while things went too far and Chaz soon refused to believe that he was once an adorable girl.

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