‘An unsuccessfully chosen outfit’: Hudson’s dated outfit made her look older and caused a stir on the network

Hudson was criticized for her vintage look in a polka dot dress and fur coat

Needless to say, the iconic and successful K. Hudson has always wowed the public with her grace, attractiveness and unrealistically beautiful body. The celebrity is often asked how she managed to get back in shape and keep fit after having her three children. In addition, she has always been distinguished by her unique style and otherworldly charm.

The result of her hard work is the desirable body she got, and since then the star started to emphasize her attractive figure more often with rather revealing and bold looks. However, her recent appearance in a rather unsuccessfully chosen and dated outfit, according to some netizens, led to her followers severely criticizing her.

The recent look of the outstanding actress, caught by paparazzi in New York, left no one indifferent. Her strange outfit in a snow-white fur coat with black trim, leather boots and a red dress with polka dots has long been discussed on the network.

There’s no denying that her sleek leather boots and coat looked quite stylish, while the vintage red dress totally ruined the outfit. Many commented on her outfit claiming “a grandma” or “vintage”.

Although her loyal fans were already supportive of the well-known movie star, many didn’t really appreciate her looks.

What did you think of the outstanding actress’ outfit? Share your opinion!

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