Shoe shaped house. The legend of a woman who lived here many years ago

The fate of the Heimschuh is still unknown

As part of the “Abandoned Great Britain” project, a team of researchers has repeatedly discovered curious places in different parts of the country. In one of the rooms there was a strange shoe-shaped structure that we are going to tell you about today. The house is in the middle of the forest. Despite this, investigators do not give the correct location or coordinates to avoid vandalism.

There is a poem about an old woman who lived in a shoe. As mentioned in some sources, this verse was written as early as 1794. It is not known who exactly is the author of the work. It is written about an old woman who had many children and they all lived in one shoe.

There is also a relatively new version, but there are a few lines that differ from the old one. For example, in the old version at the end of the poem it is written that the grandmother whipped the children and sent them to bed. And in the new one, the mother simply sent the children to bed.

Investigators could not find enough details about the house or the woman and contacted their pursuers. They shared a shot of the building on their Facebook account and asked those who know the history of the house to write down.

The voting was divided into two parts. The first was sure that in the 50’s a woman lived there and the story is true, while others say that there was an amusement park that this shoe belongs to. After some searching and research, both parts turned out to be correct.

In the 50s there really lived a woman. And already in the 70s an amusement park was built there and the house became part of the park. The house is in a very desolate condition and needs to be renovated quickly. After all, it is covered with moss, and at such a speed the structure can collapse or disappear without a trace. Despite this, the fate of the Heimschuh is still unknown.

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