‘My heart broke into pieces’: The heartbreaking video of Shakira kissing her 91-year-old father’s feet touched her fans


The touching act of Shakira kissing her seriously ill father’s feet moved everyone

Recently, netizens were left speechless by the sad news of the legendary Colombian singer’s 91-year-old father, who is seriously ill and is currently hospitalized under the supervision of well-qualified doctors. The actor’s heartbreaking video moved absolutely everyone without exception, in which the woman gently kissed her ailing father’s feet. Due to his condition, William ended up in a wheelchair unable to move independently.

When her father was able to lift his legs, the singer was happier than ever, even cried with joy and rushed to kiss his legs.

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Needless to say, netizens simply could not remain indifferent, and the moving video immediately went viral on the Internet. This is how her followers reacted.

“It is absolutely impossible not to love her!”, “God bless you”, “She is the best example of how to be a caring mother, a devoted daughter, a commendable artist and an adorable wife”, “My heart just broke down”.

Did you know that the brilliant actor’s father is seriously ill and in the hospital?

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