A street cat that showed up in the right place at the right time

A happy animal could find a place to live

Many people think that their dogs are their invaluable source of love and happiness. And this is how they bond with their pets. This also applies to animals, especially those who are left to roam the streets alone.

And they want family affection. A few weeks ago a little kitten was seen foraging at night.

He walked to the family’s backyard and looked down to follow them. Although he had no idea, he arrived at the right time and place.

The homeowner and founder of a cat rescue group named Malia saw it outside. She asked the neighbors if anyone knew him, but nobody knew him.

The woman immediately took the animal to the vet.

Since Buddy did not have a microchip, he was screened before being placed in the cat population. “I was thinking, if he gets any further, we’ll take him in if we have a room for him.”

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