His answer is precious. This dog has the perfect birthday surprise ever!


The family is providing Dakota with the care he deserves on his extraordinary birthday.

Dakota is such an amazing pup and Christopher and his family love him very much. They went to Alabama just to have a puppy.

“From an early age, Dakota was an ‘old soul,'” Dakota’s owner Teri Christopher told The Dodo.

The dog was full of enthusiasm, but currently Dakota has grown up. So her family arranged an amazing surprise for Dakota.

That year, for the dog’s 14th birthday, the family decided to put an electronic sign that read “Ring for my 14th Birthday” and place it on the passenger portion of their car just below Dakota, who was smiling broadly in the front seat.

They traveled far and wide to give Dakota the attention he deserved on his extraordinary birthday and he loved it.

Well Dakota’s response is priceless and he was elated by the surprise. He had all the attention.

Dakota is such an important, unique part of their family, and on his day, they wanted the world to know how much he means to them.

They are willing to do anything for the dog.

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