A blind cat was kidnapped by a cute couple who fell in love with her


Sweet relationships between new owners and a cute kitten

A local resident found a blind cat named Pinky and took her to the shelter. Though her eyesight was poor, she didn’t seem to worry about it. She was abandoned. And a volunteer named Hanna took care of her until she was ready for adoption.

Pinky was blind, but Hanna said she resembled other cats. She was very sweet and friendly.

She took the opportunity to walk around the house. Pinky’s story was posted on Facebook to help find her a permanent home where she will be loved and cared for.

Luckily, a cute couple noticed Pinky’s story and quickly fell in love with her without ever meeting her.

Now Pinky lives in a caring home that she needs. After meeting her new owners, Pinky immediately went into their hands, which made their relationships much more comfortable.

She moved slowly after jumping onto her father’s shoulders. Now Pinky lives with her new family’s kittens. What an amazing story!

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