Little panda refuses to let her nanny do her job until he gives her a hug (Video)

In the wild, pandas are solitary creatures that prefer to roam alone. But that doesn’t mean they’re averse to socializing, as the video below proves!

In fact, pandas can be the complete opposite of anti-social, and you might have a hard time getting a panda to leave you alone.

The conservation of giant pandas began in China in the 1940s, in order to protect the species after the vertiginous fall in its numbers. The conservatories are set up to reflect the pandas’ natural habitat, with plenty of plants, trees, and objects to climb on, as well as tasty treats like bamboo stalks for the pandas to eat.

In a particular conservatory in China, one of the workers had the task of arranging bamboo sticks inside the enclosures of the pandas for their food. But as he got to work, he was immediately slowed down by a particularly clingy panda.

The man was dragging a few rods into the enclosure when the red panda approached him. The sweet little guy clung to his feet and refused to let go causing the man to limp while the panda enjoyed a free ride on his leg.

In the video, the clingy panda can be seen following its nanny for the duration of her stay in the enclosure. Even the man’s attempts to leave the panda on an elevated spot didn’t work, as the little affectionate guy would simply climb down and run back to the man.

The hilarious video continues with the man putting the panda on higher and higher ground – but he always finds a way to get back to his beloved nanny! In the end, thanks to the panda, the man’s work takes twice as long as expected.

After iPanda shared the clip on his YouTube channel, it didn’t take long for over 20 million people to watch it. Many people have expressed their jealousy of the nanny’s job – and we agree! Cuddling pandas all day is our dream job.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this job. I would sit here cuddling pandas instead of working,” one person said.

“I would never skip a day of work in my entire life if it was my job, they would literally have to kick and scream me to go home or take a vacation,” another added.

Another praised the panda nanny’s patience, joking:

“I love how the keeper takes the panda and pulls it away from him, knowing full well he’s coming back.”

Check out the adorable video below!

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