Pregnant drug addict homeless woman asks cop to adopt her baby, see her reaction below

Jesse, a policeman didn’t long think his life was rushing. The police and his wife work together to help him figure out that the woman is pregnant. the couple helped a drug addict and a homeless woman on the streets and sent her to an orphanage and rehabilitation centers.

However, despite the couple’s efforts to cure the 30-year-old, the addiction still speaks for itself. Then, in February of this year, on Valentine’s Day, Jesse and Ashley called a social worker.

The monk asked his wife, the parents of three children, to leave him.

I asked him, he was sure. she answered Yes because she wanted the child to have a home full of love, the woman said.

And that’s true. four days after giving birth, go home with someone who will become an adoptive parent. The two girls named Harlow Macy Whitt on August 30. Now her family raised Ashley mostly remembering her daughter’s day has come. Harlow is now six months old and, although the first few months, he has battled the side effects of the disease.

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