A unique photo has been published on the Internet of a weasel, riding a peak, soars high into the sky

What we see is not the work of imagination. It’s not Photoshop, but a real case. The photo shows how a real woodpecker flies by. The photo was made by British photographer Martin in one of London’s parks.

But today we don’t think about the friendship between lasok and birds. Everything is much easier – one of our heroes can become dinner for another.

Weasels are fun furry animals, but are also known as Nest Destroyers. The photographer says that during the walk the camera was ready to be photographed, because that day he was going to show his wife the peak.

Suddenly the spike landed 25 meters from the couple. The weed ran from human fear to the grass, and the woodpecker flew past his company.

Is it possible to see such an unusual and unusual situation again and take a picture with the camera?

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