A talented photographer captured a rare scene of a pod of ten 40ft long spined whales sleeping vertically

Due to the simplicity of this question, scientists had to search for an answer for a long time. Now photographer Franco Banfi was able to not only see the sleeping giant of the sea, but also capture it in all detail. For the first time, scientists managed to capture sleeping sperm on film in 2008.

Then, in 2008, when a group of Japanese and British scientists encountered a pile of sperm during observations, it was a coincidence.

In the course of further research, scientists managed to establish that about 7% of animal life is carried out in a dream.

These giants sleep anywhere from 6 to 24 minutes over a short period of time. With this model you can

These unusual sea creatures look even scarier to people. Animals, which may seem uncomfortable with the natural marine element, seem to be the embodiment of grace and harmony

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