‘The icon of our time’: Actress Jolie showed off her ideal waist

Jolie, 47, in a braless top showed off her perfect waist

The 47-year-old actress and director pleasantly surprised her fans with her stunning performance in a black top that showed off her flawless waist and attractive shapes. Absolutely no one in public could remain indifferent to this beauty.

“An incredibly beautiful woman”, “There is no such thing as a perfect waist, come on”, “I think her beauty is overrated”, “How beautiful she actually is”, “I wouldn’t believe she will be 50 anytime soon”.

“She has always been the most beautiful actress in Hollywood”, “I can’t understand why Pitt left her”, “Just looks stunning at her age”.

“This top suits her very well”, “Bravo, she is very well-groomed”.

How do you like her outfit?

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