This is true love between these amazing orangutans and little otters!

They are drawn to the friendship between these orangutans and the otters

That’s called true friendship. Have you ever seen a friendship between irang-utans and otters?

Probably not! So these amazing pictures are made just for you.

These pictures were taken at the Belgian Zoo. One of the staff told the reprouters about these wonderful creatures and showed how strongly connected they are.

Her adorable photos were posted on social media and garnered thousands of views.

This orangutan family consists of a mother orangutan named Sari, a father orangutan named Ujian and her 4 year old son named Berani.

In the zoo, all animals live happily together: penguins enjoy their lives with seals, squirrels have time with bats, giraffes stay with ostriches and so on.

That’s wonderful!

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