Still youthful and braless: Here is Adriana Lima’s very first look at the podium

Here’s what Lima, a Victoria Secret model, looked like on her first appearance

The charming model A. Lima has been the model of the fashion house Victoria Secret for 19 years and will always remain one of the most important and influential representatives of the world famous brand. When Adriana first got on the podium, no one knew who she was, but all viewers immediately fell in love with the young girl.

Lime admits she was never very self-confident and always felt that she was far from ideal. And recently, the iconic 40-year-old woman shared archive photos from her first-ever podium appearance, where she was braless and looking literally stunning.

People were more than sure that the stunning girl would undoubtedly become a world famous and successful model, and they were absolutely right.

What do you think of her looks?

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